Looking for a reliable interior stoneware ceramic manufacturer in Vietnam is no easy feat, especially when you are based outside of Vietnam and do not speak the local language.

Export clients are usually frustrated by Vietnamese manufacturers’ lack of responsiveness, limited understanding of product concepts, and lack of flexibility in their sales policies. Combined with the language barrier, the search for a trustworthy manufacturing partner for ceramic projects in Vietnam amounts to a tedious process.

With Minh Tien Ceramic, our clients are thrilled to be able to easily communicate their product ideas with a Vietnamese ceramic manufacturer who was responsive to their messages, while also being able to adapt to the client’s order quantities and assist in their product’s design process.

For example, we helped an agency in crafting the ideal ceramic product prototype in order to save costs on sampling reworks in later stages. Earlier last year, we also helped designers refining their products’ design requirements to suit their product vision while also complying with ceramic technical limitations. Thanks to our team’s diligence, our clients were able to save costs on sampling and discover new technical possibilities.

If you are a sourcing agency, a design or corporate gifting firm, or a small decor/F&B business owner working with a smaller MOQ, drop us an email at contact@minhtienceramic.com to book a call with our Sales team!

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