Our history and value

Minh Tien Ceramic's new logo - our brand name in white on a cobalt-inspired blue background
Lina Pottery's new logo - vase icon with our brand name in a light baby blue colour

Founded in 1995, Minh Tien Ceramic first specialized in ceramic sanitary ware and developed a ceramic handicraft branch in 2000 called Lina Pottery.

Starting as a small ceramic manufacturer for sanitary ware in Vietnam, Lina Pottery has become the driving force for our exporting effort. After local Vietnamese businesses, we slowly expanded to custom ceramic stoneware products in order to fulfil new European and North American sourcing demand for high-quality affordable ceramic products from Vietnam. As of today, we are successfully maintaining our core value of bringing affordable ceramic and pottery products to our traditional Vietnamese markets while supplying an increasingly popular export market.

Throughout two decades of existence, our company has been run by the same founding family members. As a result, our company remains 100% privately-owned, giving us much more flexibility in terms of management and governance. We also operate with a dedicated and accomplished team for the past twenty years who share our values and love for Vietnamese pottery.

Our services

As a local manufacturer and trusted family-owned exporter, Minh Tien Ceramic with Lina Pottery wish to fulfil all of our customers’ requirements for product quality through our various services:

  • Lifelong guarantee for our sanitary ware products and accessories with repair services available;
  • Wholesale of our existing product portfolio starting from small minimum-order-quantity and special orders;
  • Customization of our existing products for gifts and corporate needs;
  • Made-to-order products for clients’ concepts – starting from supply sourcing to moulding and prototyping.

Our product offerings

Minh Tien Ceramic produces a complete assortment of items for your bathroom and kitchen needs – ranging from sinks, WC, urinals to bathroom accessories.

Additionally, its sister branch Lina Pottery complements the product offerings with handmade ceramic stoneware decoration products with a core focus on indoor decor. For example, these products range from decorative vases, outdoor tables and chairs, mugs, French fèves, etc. Lina Pottery caters for all types of markets – from the local Ho Chi Minh City ceramic shop to a North American ceramic trading and sourcing business. Our products are indeed designed and crafted according to our various clients’ needs with the possibility to customize each order.

Most importantly, our team of painters, sculptors and ceramic artisans is the key to delivering detailed handcrafted and hand-painted products. Moreover, all of our tableware products are guaranteed to be dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Finally, Minh Tien Ceramic products are handmade from the drawing and sculpting steps to plaster-moulding. The 1200°C single-firing technique imported from Europe also guarantee all of our products to be safe for home use according to European standards.