Established in 1995 with two main product lines: sanitary ceramic and handicraft ceramic via Lina Pottery, Minh Tien Ceramic has built and developed its brands over time with business partners and loyal customers.

The best products from the best raw materials


Through many stages of quality selection, materials used to produce Minh Tien Ceramic are always selected by skilled engineers through a careful process in order to source the best materials. Along with that is the high-standard manufacturing process during which each worker refine each product before completion. Selective sourcing and precise labour are the keys for Minh Tien to create durable ceramic products.

The creations of talented ceramic artisans


It is impossible not to mention the talented and skilled artisans who contribute to creating Minh Tien Ceramic products. Whether it is sanitary ceramic or handicraft ceramic, it is the dedication and meticulousness of these workers that helped Minh Tien gain and retain customers by satisfying all the customer’s demands.

hình công nhân 18

The precise and artful blending of each brushstroke, the way artisans create the smallest details help Minh Tien’s products to be creative in their product design and keep up with the market trends.

The crystallization of the founders’ vision


With more than 20 years of dedication to the mission of preserving and developing Vietnamese pottery, Minh Tien Ceramic is proud to have built its business based on traditional methods and foreign technology in order to meet the high standards from both domestic and international customers.

Therefore, we have gained trust and cooperation from partners not only in Vietnam but also in Europe, America and Asia.