Finding a new vendor is no easy feat. Making new products with a new vendor is even less so.

At Minh Tien Ceramic, we aim to make ceramic product development as painless as possible for all of our customers, especially if you are a Boutique buyer or Retailer with designer ceramic decor products and smaller MOQs requirements.

From the moment you send our team the RFQ to order confirmation, a dedicated ceramic specialist will be in charge of translating your product requirements and ideas into feasible ceramic stoneware products.

How is our production line adapted to Boutique buyers & Retailers?

Our ceramic products are 100% handmade with production handled by an in-house team from sampling to glazing and firing. We want to ensure premium quality for our artisanal ceramic stoneware products. We keep our operations as lean as possible to control costs while remaining flexible and creative.

When it comes to final packaging, we entrust our customers with their own sourcing decision-making. We do encourage a low-waste and low-plastic approach to reduce both carbon footprint and post-consumer waste.

For Boutique and Retailer customers, MT Ceramic is particularly adapted to your sourcing needs as we are developing modern Vietnamese ceramic pieces that could easily be exported to foreign markets. We also work with smaller MOQs for custom OEM designs that Boutique and Retailer customers usually look for their own collections.

What can you order with Minh Tien Ceramic?

Absolutely any decor or functional ceramic pieces you can think of!

More precisely, we can provide you the following products (but the list is not exhaustive!):

  • Small to medium vases
  • Small to medium planters
  • Mugs and cups (with or without saucers)
  • Plates and bowls – we make the thick and sturdy kind
  • Drinkware sets (matching or separate jugs and mugs)
  • Diffusers
  • Paperblocks
  • Chopstick rests
  • And many more…

All of our ceramic products are food-safe, dishwasher, and microwave/oven-safe.

Since our products are handmade and artisanal, expect small imperfections in the glazing and dimensions. We want customers to know that our products are made by humans after all!

How will we make your ceramic concepts come true?

  1. Provide new design sampling services, including clay and plaster molds, glaze testing, and decal printing.
  2. Customize your glazing colors and decal printing design with our existing products.
  3. MOQ starting from 500 pieces per simple ODM customization and 5,000 pieces for OEM designs.

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