Are you a Gifting specialist company? Or a company with a special gifting occasion?

At Minh Tien Ceramic, we provide unique ceramic stoneware items for truly original products. We do not simply print logos on plain white mugs – we thrive to go the extra mile for an original product.

Hence, your corporate gifts could be colored handpainted mugs, custom-designed vases, or customized statues.

How will we do that?

  • Customize your glazing colors and decal printing design with our existing products.
  • Provide new design sampling services, including clay and plaster molds, glaze testing, and decal printing.
  • MOQ starting from 500 pieces for simple customization and 5,000 pieces for new designs.

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Committed to high-quality Vietnamese handmade ceramic products.
📍 Phú Sơn Hamlet, Highway 1A, Bắc Sơn Commune, Trảng Bom District, Đồng Nai Province, Vietnam

Why collaborate with Minh Tien Ceramic?

Looking for a reliable interior stoneware ceramic manufacturer in Vietnam is no easy feat, especially when you are based outside of Vietnam and do not speak the local language. Export clients are usually frustrated by Vietnamese manufacturers’ lack of responsiveness, limited understanding of product concepts, and lack of flexibility in their sales policies. Combined with the language barrier, the search for a trustworthy manufacturing partner for ceramic projects in Vietnam amounts to a tedious process.

With Minh Tien Ceramic, our clients are thrilled to be able to easily communicate their product ideas with a Vietnamese ceramic manufacturer who was responsive to their messages, while also being able to adapt to the client’s order quantities and assist in their product’s design process.

For example, we helped an agency in crafting the ideal ceramic product prototype in order to save costs on sampling reworks in later stages. Earlier last year, we also helped designers refining their products’ design requirements to suit their product vision while also complying with ceramic technical limitations. Thanks to our team’s diligence, our clients were able to save costs on sampling and discover new technical possibilities.

If you are a sourcing agency, a design or corporate gifting firm, or a small decor/F&B business owner working with a smaller MOQ, drop us an email at to book a call with our Sales team!

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Introducing Lina Pottery by Minh Tiến Ceramic

Minh Tien Ceramic officially introduces our handicrafts brand – Lina Pottery by Minh Tien Ceramic. The story of Lina Pottery – Minh Tien Ceramic‘s #handicrafts brand – begins with meticulous handiwork in production combined with simplicity and sophistication in design.

To create high-quality #ceramic #stoneware #handmade products, Lina Pottery carefully sources raw materials and develops designs along with the talented and skilful hands of our Vietnamese ceramic artisans. Hence, each product comes out with unique aesthetics, carrying the Lina Pottery values – tradition meeting modernity.

Moreover, Lina Pottery’s design style will leave a special impression on customers thanks to its unique and modern simplicity. Our product aims to stay simple while standing out in its own way. The brand is made for anyone who loves simplicity and modernity while preserving traditional Vietnamese values.

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New Collections & 2020 Catalogue

Lina Pottery has released new mugs and vases collections in various shades, patterns and colours. All products are 100% handmade and hand-painted!

Check them out on our Facebook page or in the pictures below!

Our export catalogue is finally ready for all interested parties. Reach out to us at if you are a sourcing agency, a retailer, a distributor, etc.

If you are a HORECA business in need of a reliable Vietnamese tableware and decor supplier, feel free to also contact us for the catalogue as well as getting more information!

Why source ceramics in Vietnam?

With years of tradition and experience in the ceramics field, the industry being valued at 326 million USD in 2018 is predicted to grow even further. However, Vietnam has always been in fierce competition with China. So why Vietnam should be your sourcing destination for ceramics?

Here are 3 reasons to source your ceramic products in Vietnam:

Positive economic environment

The free market economy was the main breakthrough into opening up the country by the Communist Party in the 1990s. Vietnam has indeed benefited from steady growth, stable politics and openness to foreign investment.

As of 2019, foreigners are allowed to open business much more easily in Vietnam. Hence, foreign companies can be now closer to all their potential Vietnamese manufacturing suppliers.

Pottery manufacturing hub

Manufacturing has been the main beneficiary of free-market policies. In the provinces of Dong Nai and Binh Duong, multiple industrial zones and factories are available for foreign clients’ sourcing needs. Moreover, massive immigration flux helped populate these regions with young, skilled and available workforce.

These provinces are also historical ceramic production spots for decades with Lai Thieu and Bien Hoa. Workers with years of experience helped shape a younger workforce with pottery and handicrafts skills. At its peak, the region had more than 1,000 kilns made up with traditional potters and craftsmen.

Thanks to these efforts combined with traditional know-how, Dong Nai and Binh Duong are the main hub for ceramics in Southern Vietnam.

Favourable trade agreements

Vietnam being the direct neighbour of China has greatly benefited from the recent trade war with the US. Lower taxes, cheaper labor and equal ceramic skills are the main benefits of moving production from Chinese factories to Vietnamese manufacturers.

Not only Vietnam is benefiting from trade with the US, it will also soon benefit from the European Union. Signed in 2016, the EU-VN Free Trade Agreement is finally coming to fruition in the coming quarters. In particular, the Vietnamese ceramics industry will benefit from a 0% export tax level.

Minh Tien Ceramic has been exporting since 2000 to the European, American and Asian markets. Our products’ quality and fair pricing will help guarantee satisfaction for your end customer.

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