Low-quality ceramic products are known to contain toxic amounts of lead that could cause brain damage, joint pain and reduce human IQ.

According to Professor Nguyen Duy Thinh from the Food Biotechnology Institute, chemical elements and firing temperature can help measuring the safety level of products. Also, the more colorfully decorative the products are, the more harmful they can be. In addition, low and cheap ceramics with unqualified procedure, low cost, shortage of firing temperature could become poisonous for consumers to use for their daily meals. Due to the combination of high temperature, acid and salt from the food, the lead inside ceramic will be exploded quickly and could poison the human body.

Besides, cadimi, another harmful elements causing cancer, can also be found in ceramics. Exposure to high amounts of cadimi could increase the damage of heart, kidney, and circulation.

Therefore, it is definitely wiser to choose the products with white, silky and bright enamel, as well as waterproof and heat-resistant for daily food consumption. Consumers should also avoid using ceramic objects without clear origins or deceptively low prices. As a matter of fact, these goods could potentially contain toxic elements as mentioned above. It is also advised to avoid ceramic products with highly-pigmented or cracked glazing for heating purposes.

As follows, here are seven tips to keep your ceramic products shiny and durable after buying:

  • Pour boiling water into the products for 15 mins to keep it durable, or soak them in vinegar to reduce the amount of lead;
  • If the enamel loses its brightness, try to use flour to wipe away ;
  • Choose ceramic products with white, silky and smooth surface for daily use;
  • Do not use javel or acid to clean the products;
  • Use soft fabric instead of aluminum when washing ceramic dinner ware in order to protect the surface;
  • Do not put the products in the microwave, oven or dishwasher if the glaze is not indicated as heat safe for those appliances.

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We hope all of the tips above help you choose the ceramic products wisely and safely. Minh Tien Ceramic also ensures that our tableware products are certified to be food-safe by an independent laboratory in Vietnam. Our enamel is guaranteed to be safe for daily consumption.

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